When I was much much MUCH younger, it seemed to take forever between Christmases. Now that I am older, MUCH older, my countdown to Christmas is much shorter and goes like this, based primarily on Target's retail focus:

February - Valentine's Day
May - School's Out/Summertime
August - Back To School
October - Halloween
Day After Halloween - CHRISTMAS!

Another way I've been enjoying counting down to Christmas since 2011 (when Spotify came ashore here in the States) is piling all the newly released or re-released Christmas songs and albums I can find into one big playlist which I have generally started listening to on the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, your boy HERC got sick the day after getting his flu shot a few days before Turkey Day and stayed that way for just over two weeks - first a sinus infection, then a painfully sore throat - pushing all my Xmas plans back cause when I'm sick, I sleep and I watch TV. That's it. But now that I'm feeling better oh so much better, we got the house decorated, the shopping done and I am ready to listen to some Holiday music.
A few of my friends have mentioned playing WHAMAGEDDON this year and it sounds fun but I've yet to play along. Until now. Firing up iheartchristmas, Satan's (not a typo) unofficial Xmas Music station, at 1AM on a warm Wednesday evening, here's what I heard:
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and I'm out not even five minutes in as those familiar opening notes begin...
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Here are four 2017 covers of "Last Christmas" plus one I missed from 2016:
Listen to 3 song playlist (no E-girls) on YouTube 
Listen to all four songs on Spotify

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  1. I don't know why this classic song was chosen to pick on. I love the thing. In fact, I included it on The Official MFD Christmas Album. There's no real chorus or bridge to speak of, but no matter; this is pure pop with sleigh bells. The bouncy bass line belies the depressing lyrics. After "Everything She Wants," this could be my second-favorite Wham tune. Whamageddon? Bah, humbug.

    (If you want to know a Christmas tune I need never hear again but is overplayed, it's "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.")

    A fun game is to pick out songs associated with the season that never mention Christmas: Let It Snow, Baby It's Cold Outside, Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland, etc.

    1. 1) I have loved "Last Christmas" since the first time I heard it in early December 1984

      2) And I have loved The Official MFD Christmas Album since I first heard it in 2014, just about 30 years after hearing "Last Christmas" and "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for the first time

      3) I've been fortunate enough to not have heard Dr. Elmo yet this year - I just hope you haven't jinxed me