In the mid-Eighties, I was briefly a subscriber to Sports Collectors Digest. While I hadn't been a sports (card) collector for half a dozen years or so I enjoyed reading about older cards and wonderous finds. Fortunately for me, Krause Publications did not screen their subscribers, gladly took my money and sent me a new issue printed on newsprint each and every week. Somewhere along the way, I became a subscriber to SCD's sister publication (under the Krause umbrella) Goldmine and let the former subscription lapse. In the pre-internet age of late 80s and early 90s, I sent dozens of SASEs (self-addressed, stamped envelopes) to get catalogs and price lists, eventually ordering records and CDs from just a few trusted vendors consistently. And I wrote a letter to a guy named John Book who had a letter about Prince's music printed in the Letters section of Goldmine along with his name and address. We struck up a friendship that continues to this day, though we have yet to meet in person. While going through The Hideaway Archives recently, I came across the following tracklisting for the Christmas Rock mixtapes. Despite the fact that I did not order any of the first three tapes initially offered, they wisely kept my name and address on file and sent me the details of the newly created fourth tape a few months later. I still resisted the urge to order but I filed those tracklists away. I let my Goldmine subscription run out one year when Borders and Barnes & Noble came to town with expansive magazine selections so I'd make time to go in once a month, spend nothing but a few hours of my time and read new issues of Goldmine as well as all of the British music magazines they stocked.

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I'm not positive but I believe the green circles designated tracks I had in my collection at that time. My best guess on the date on these is somewhere between 1988 and 1991.

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