There was a lot going on in the third season of Raising Hope:
  • Maw Maw was put in a nursing home
  • Jimmy finds out he was adopted
  • Burt discovers his Jewish heritage
  • Virginia and Burt buy a DeLorean
  • The Chances travel from Natesville to Hollywood
  • Sabrina and Jimmy get married
  • an entire episode is filmed Modern Family-style
  • and nearly the entire cast of My Name Is Earl appeared in another episode
Through it all, the show's music supervisor Jonathan Leahy provided a low-key yet inspired, eclectic soundtrack for most of the season's twenty-two episodes. It seems somewhat obvious upon re-watching the show that they may have been cutting costs or spending their music budget on guest stars like Col. Steve Austin, Holly Body, Fez, Lizzie McGuire and Shirley Partridge.
Miraculously, especially given its dismal ratings, Raising Hope was renewed for a fourth season. Among the happenings I can recall:
  • Burt runs for Mayor
  • Virginia meets her real father
  • there was a Hitchcockian episode
  • Kenny Loggins pays a visit to Natesville
  • and then the show was canceled
Season Four features less than a dozen tracks peppered throughout its twenty-two episodes making the playlist below even briefer than the playlist above.

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