Rhino's Jazz Compilation Week: ATLANTIC JAZZ GALLERY [1993-2001]

In 1992, Rhino's six-year distribution deal with Capitol/EMI ended and Atlantic stepped in as Rhino's new distributor. The deal allowed Rhino to issue product from Atlantic's catalog while parent company Time Warner swooped in and bought 50% of Rhino. (They would acquire the remaining 50% in 1998.) Producer Joel Dorn fostered the Atlantic Jazz Gallery initiative at the label in 1993 with the release of The Last Giant: The John Coltrane Anthology (above), a double-disc exploration of the legendary saxophonist's career; Atlantic Jazz: Saxophones, a compilation of ten tracks spotlighting Coltrane and his fellow sax players on the label and Atlantic Jazz Legends: Vol. 1, a twelve-song introduction to the label's storied jazz legacy. Every few months, a few more titles joined the lineup, both single artist anthologies, and multi-artist compilations like the ones we're featuring here today that serve as sampler discs for the entire series. I realize that these various artists collections are an anathema to jazz purists and true fans of the genre but that's not really who the intended audience is now is it? As a music fan with a shamefully low jazz IQ, I welcome all the help I can get. I won't even begin to attempt to comment on these albums except to say it has always been our policy here at The Hideaway to only feature stuff we like. 'Nuff said.

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  1. I enjoy quite a few (old and new) jazz vocalists, but when it comes to pure jazz - Coltrane, Miles, etc. - I always fail to appreciate the music as others do. It's like there's a switch inside me brain that turns off the deeper they delve into a song. (I experience the same reaction to most extended jams.)