Ghosts Of Christmas Albums Past: HOLIDAY SOUL [1964]

Ghosts Of Christmas Albums Past features Christmas/Holiday albums that have been previously released and are returning in 2016 in new packaging or with new track(s) or in a new format. Or any combination. Straight up reissues are on the naughty list.
After decades of fetching top dollar among collectors of fine Christmas music and discerning jazz fans alike, both of these identically titled fifty-year-old rare and hard-to-find albums on Prestige have been re-released in 2016 on vinyl and as digital files in both mp3 and lossless hi-rez format. (Maybe the CDs will be released next year.) Can't decide where to start? Here's a tip: If you like organ-led jazz trios, go with the Patterson album above but if you prefer piano-led jazz trios, proceed directly to Timmons below. 
P.S. For those of you into such things, those hi-rez files are most highly recommended. Tonight, I've been listening to both albums at a relatively low volume (the volume knob is halfway between 4 and 5) via the Marshall Acton speaker over in the corner of the room and, no lie, I keep turning my head fully expecting to see the guys right there. Might I also suggest you wear two pairs of socks when listening cause one pair is just gonna get knocked off anyway.

Two tasty tracks from each album can also be found on the 1990 label compilation below.

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