YACHTOBER: Professor Eddy's SMOOTH SAILING - The 2015 Voyages

The prolific Professor (seen above in a rare moment away from the wheels of steel) set sail again in the Spring of 2015 with the first of fourteen more SMOOTH SAILING mixes for the year, running from March through December. Joan Smalls, who doesn't use her family surname Rodríguez professionally, also returns as the DJ's muse and favorite cover girl via snaps from her Instagram feed.
Back in the day before supermodels took their own pictures and posted them for everyone with a phone or PC to see, my own supermodel muse was Cindy Crawford, whose annual calendars were always a welcome and, let's face it, somewhat of a surprise gift from the "other" beautiful woman in my life (then, now, and forever), my equally stacked but much more modest wife. I still have the 1990 and 1991 calendars though I'm not exactly sure why I have kept those. Maybe it's the cheeky cover of the 1990 calendar (above), which is still a sight to behold even after all these years or the fact that April 1991 features our Miss Cindy barely wearing a University of Arizona tank top. Where was I? Oh yeah, enjoy the SMOOTH SAILING mixes below and remember to consult Professor Eddy's blog for tracklists and other info. While I enjoy many of the grooves the Professor gets going, some of these tunes are most definitely nyacht yacht rock but your nautical mileage may vary.

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