Great Music Mags: RECORD (1984)

The above advertisement first appeared on page 26 of the September 1, 1983 issue of Rolling Stone, the one featuring some guy named Sting on the cover. Record promised "100% Music" without the growing Hollywood focus of Rolling Stone, at least based on the ad. But I had been a subscriber to RS since 1982 though I could be heard complaining to no one but myself after reading some issues about the lack of music coverage or more accurately "what in the heck does (featured Hollywood Star) have to do with music?"

Maybe it was no coincidence that, just as Rolling Stone switched from its original, long-running news print format in 1981, they also launched another magazine printed on newsprint that same year. The Record launched with Vol. 1 No. 1 dated November 1981 and by the fourth issue, it was known as simply Record. By November 1982, it had evolved from a single color cover to a full color one and then ditched the newsprint for industry standard glossy paper in October 1983. The cover price held at $1.00 until the paper change, when it was bumped up two bits to $1.25. (RS was priced at $1.50 at the time.) As far as I can tell, the final issue of Record was the Jan/Feb 1986 issue.  Reportedly, The Record/Record was a huge and costly failure for Straight Arrow Publishing (Rolling Stone's publisher) and experienced losses each of the years it was in print. Here are the covers from the issues printed in 1984.
January 1984
Beginning with this issue, the cover price was hiked to $1.50
February 1984
March 1984
April 1984
The cover layout now features one large image and two smaller artist photos. One of the photos appears next to the magazine's title header, usually to the right, with an additional teaser line appearing above the title.
May 1984
June 1984
July 1984
Only two images on the cover for this issue
August 1984
September 1984
October 1984
November 1984
December 1984

While Rolling Stone seemed to want to have nothing to do with its spin-off publication, they seemed to share some editorial decisions with regards to cover features. Here are Rolling Stone covers from 1984 whose artists also appeared as the main cover artist on Record:

Next time around, we'll tour the cover gallery
for Record's last year of publication - 1985.

all cover scans of Record magazine found on eBay
all cover scans of Rolling Stone from Rolling Stone

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