Disco Friday: MIDNIGHT SHIFT [2012]

Welcome to a very special Disco Friday.  Not only is it Saturday, which any kid will tell you is not Friday, it is the final Disco Friday covering the Disco Discharge series.  The sixteenth and final album in the series is Midnight Shift in reference to that sweet post-Midnight time when all the poseurs, hispters and disco dabblers have left the club and the DJ ups the ante for the hardcore.  Promotional materials for the album say Midnight Shift represents "the slightly darker side of disco" and these are the songs "that will rock a serious Gay dance floor throughout the night and into the early hours."  I honestly cannot say what Midnight Shift is referring to but like the other fifteen volumes in the Disco Discharge series, this double disc collection of twenty songs is loaded with songs only familiar to those who frequented underground discotheques over the past forty years.  The mastermind behind the entire series is Mr Pinks, an confessed club goer in the early 80s and all of his choices were based on his memories and experiences.  The music is put into the context of the scene, both then and now, by Alan Jones through his "I was there" liner notes.  Big thanks to both gents for a wonderful tour through music I never would have heard otherwise.  I have a few new favorites now and even bought a couple of discs based solely on one song appearing on a volume of Disco Discharge.
Eleven of the album's twenty tracks are available via Spotify which is a better fill rate than most of the other albums in the series.  With four tracks from the late Seventies to counter-balance the five tracks from the late Eighties, Midnight Shift still comes in with an average song release date of 1983 and an average song length of 7:34 though there are four songs over nine minutes in length.  Based on the reviews and comments of others, the main draw of this set is the (apparently) hard to find (in 2012) Midler and Carnes remixes though I have the promo only "Voyeur" remix on a 2001 CD re-issue of the album with the same name on One Way Records.
yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1979My Knight In Black LeatherBette Midler6:5770
1979Lady NightPatrick Juvet6:5658
1977At The Discotheque (Medley)Lipstique15:007
1982Miami HeatwaveLove Twins10:29-
1983EarthquakeThe Flirtations6:5526
1984The Power Of LoveAstaire6:30-
1986Can't Live Without Your LoveSuzy Q6:55-
1978Dancer DancePussyfoot6:20-
1982VoyeurKim Carnes5:4552
1987Run With UsLisa Lougheed4:30-
1986Candy LoveLili & Sussie6:30-
1982Love Is The DrugRoni Griffith4:51-
1984Slice Me NiceFancy5:20-
1985FantasyLian Ross6:41-
1982Wake DreamLime7:07-
1981Double TroubleDiva7:23-
1983Burning With FireTapps6:30-
1986DeliverancePeople Like Us7:06-
1988No RegretsQuartzlock9:20-
1984Dance Trance MedleyBoystown Gang14:24-

One of the unforeseen benefits of the licensing inquiries to the more than 300 tracks that appeared on the Disco Discharge discs was the apparent opportunity to license entire albums by some of the artists and so Disco Recharge was born in 2012.  Through 2014, twenty-six discs have been released under the Disco Recharge banner, all but five of them double discs containing multiple albums and mixes. Two of the albums are various artists compilations put together by Ian Levine, who also shows up as writer and producer on some of the other albums.  The chart below lists all the Disco Recharge titles and a gallery of coverart follows.

1ChangeThe Glow Of Love / Miracles2CD2012
3Tangerué / Strange AffairTangerué / Strange Affair1CD2012
4VoyageFly Away2CD2012
5Beautiful Bend / CaressMake That Feeling Come Again! / Caress2CD2012
6Voyage / Sylvia MasonVoyage 3 / Sylvia Mason2CD2012
7USA-European ConnectionCome Into My Heart / USA-European Connection2CD2012
8VoyageOne Step Higher2CD2013
9UltimateUltimate / Ultimate II1CD2012
10Companion / Double DiscoveryCompanion / Double Discovery / One Off Projects2CD2013
11Masquerade / Boris MidneyPinocchio / Black Russian2CD2014
12Festival / Boris MidneyEvita / The Empire Strikes Back2CD2013
13THP OrchestraEarly Riser / Two Hot For Love2CD2013
14Evelyn ThomasI Wanna Make It On My Own / Have A Little Faith In Me1CD2013
15Grand Tour / Southern ExposureOn Such A Winter's Day / Headin' South2CD2013
16James WellsMy Claim To Fame / Explosion2CD2014
17THP#2 Tender Is The Night / Good To Me2CD2013
18Evelyn ThomasHigh Energy / Standing At The Crossroads2CD2014
19Miquel BrownManpower / Close To Perfection2CD2014
20Duncan SistersThe Duncan Sisters1CD2014
21TantraThe Collection2CD2013
22Barbara PenningtonOut Of The Darkest Night... Plus1CD2014
23Ian LevineTwenty Four Hours A Day - The Disco Years2CD2014
24Ian LevineBeating Faster - The Hi-NRG Years2CD2014
25John Davis The Monster OrchestraNight & Day / Up Jumped The Devil2CD2014
26John Davis The Monster OrchestraAin't That Enough For You / The Monster Orchestra Strikes Again!2CD2014

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