Disco Friday: EUROPA [2012]

You know that real good mood I have been in the last two Fridays we met, where everything was awesome and I was lost in the music?  That all came to a screeching halt earlier today when I put on Europa for the first time.  The fifteenth volume in the Disco Discharge series is a return to the Euro Disco or more specifically the Italo-Disco of the 1980s.  With the exception of the two songs I was familiar with going into this morning's failed dance session, none of the 24 songs on Europa made any sort of impression.  I take that back.  I did think that the drum machine pattern that is heard at the beginning of Dr. Groove's "Freak It Our Mr. DJ" sounded like the drum machine that kicks off New Order's dance-club classic "Blue Monday" but that's it.  All but one of the songs on Europa date from 1982-1988 with the lone exception being from 1990.  As I've said before, this Italo-Disco stuff just ain't my thing and that's not a knock just a stated preference.  That being said, there is but one volume left to cover in the Disco Discharge series after this so on with the show.
Don't you think the Eighties had some interesting graphical trends? You probably recognized the songs I said I was familiar with going into Europa by their cover art included in the gallery. Of course I'm talking about Taco's updating of "Puttin' On The Ritz" from 1982 and Baltimora's call to the dance floor "Tarzan Boy" from 1985, both of which are presented in their extended versions from their respective twelve inch singles, pictured below in an exclusive photo from deep inside the Hideaway Audio Archives. Coincidentally, these two songs are the only two that made Billboard's Disco/Dance Chart.  Though I failed to notice any tell-tale pops or clicks, choosy listeners claim that the version of Taco's tune on Europa is actually a vinyl rip rather than sourced from a master tape.   In case you were wondering (like I was), Taco turned 60 in 2015 while the face and most likely voice of Baltimora, Jimmy McShane succumbed to complications from AIDS in 1995 at the far too young age of 37.

yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1982Puttin; On The RitzTaco6:0337
1986Hey HeyRadiorama5:55-
1985Say You'll NeverLian Ross6:56-
1985Hey Mr. DJLoco Loco6:20-
1982Africa (Voodoo Music)Rose Laurens5:15-
1985Around My DreamSilver Pozzoli5:40-
1985Tarzan BoyBaltimora6:156
1985Waiting For HeavenDiviacchi6:46-
1990To Be Or Not To BeJock Hattle Band6:20-
1986Fly To MeAleph6:43-
1983Go Go Yellow ScreenDigital Emotion8:33-
1987I'm Gonna GoJago5:12-
1986Go Go DynamoCleo6:16-
1986Don't Talk About ItSwan6:10-
1985Mr. FantasyLee Marrow5:20-
1985Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight)Fancy5:45-
1987Talking To The NightBrian Ice6:00-
1985Oh MamaLili & Sussie6:26-
1988Living In JapanFun Fun5:15-
1988Tell Me The ReasonAlan Barry6:12-
1988Need Your PassionSweet Connection8:43-
1982Upside Down (Dizzy Does It Make Me)Vanessa6:57-
1984Freak It Out Mr. DJDr. Groove5:12-
1983Get ReadyX-Ray Connection6:59-

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  1. Disco Discharge? This volume shoulda been titled Disco Disappointment. [rimshot]