Disco Friday: EURO BEATS [2011]

As fervent fans of the music love to say, Disco never died.  In America, it went back underground using a variety of assumed names while in Italy and other European countries Disco became the dominant popular music much like New Wave ruled the airwaves here in the States and over in the UK.  The eleventh volume in the Disco Discharge series features nearly two dozen of these Euro Beats from 1979-1991.  The music almost all fits under the Italo Disco banner (and is billed as much on the hype sticker on unopened copies of the album) so it holds little interest to these ears or dancing feet - I'd say three maybe four songs made an impression but don't take my word, let your ears and feet decide.  Only six of the tracks are available via Spotify so I provided YouTube links by popular demand in the chart below for all the other songs, paying close attention to to get the right version of the mix.
Sabrina stood out as an artist for two reasons, neither one of which has anything to do with her music.  You can watch her video for "Boys" where she struggles to keep her bandeau bikini top pulled up while in and out of the water.  Not knowing anything else about her, she appears to be the Italian Samantha Fox and the two even appeared on stage together at least one time.   How about some more cover art?
Another interesting thing I found out while "researching this post" (aka reading the liner notes in the CD booklet) was that one of the songs, "First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love" is a cover of a Giorgio Moroder tune from his 1977 album From Here To Eternity.   
There is also an original Spotify playlist for
the album if you're into that sort of thing.

yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1983Dolce VitaRyan Paris7:32-
1981Desert PlaceTwins6:0167
1986Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)Modern Talking5:23-
1986Activate My HeartMeccano5:12-
1986Walk Into The DaylightTaffy5:18-
1987Baila BoleroFun Fun9:23-
1984ChinatownCruisin' Gang6:07-
1985Danger For LoveDeborah5:34-
1988Jive Into The NightGreen Olives6:20-
1986Gipsy QueenGipsy & Queen5:53-
1984ComancheroMoon Ray (Ragggio Di Luna)7:33-
1982Can't Hold BackKano7:0720
1983Love TakerStefano Pluga6:21-
1979He's Speedy Like GonzalezPassengers4:00-
19881,2,3,4 DancingRaffaella Carra3:07-
1983Get Up ActionDigital Emotion5:48-
1985Talkin' About RamboL-Vira6:51-
1986First Hand Experience In Second Hand LoveThe V Project feat. Vanelle6:00-
1983Feel The DriveDoctor's Cat5:53-
1985American Medley With MachineryCruisin' Gang7:28-
1991We Gotta Do itDJ Professor feat. Zappalla8:5117

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