PLAYLISTICLE: 50 Greatest Boy Band Songs Of All Time vs 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time

Say what you will about Rolling Stone, occasionally they throw out a treat for a list-lubber like myself. In the last month alone, the once venerable magazine's website has published two magnificent beauts from opposite ends of the musical spectrum.
The 50 Greatest Boy Band Songs Of All Time has videos for each song in a list that covers nearly 50 years.  To it's credit, the list is both international and inclusive, featuring not just the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC (bands my daughter enjoyed) and their contemporaries but also The Jackson 5, The Monkees, The Osmonds, New Kids, One Direction, Bay City Rollers and at least half a dozen K-Pop groups.  I count nearly twenty songs on the list that I call favorites and I eagerly await a similar list focusing on the fairer sex.
The 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time shows cover art for each album on the list, most of which were surprisingly found on Spotify.  While I had never had to suffer through the incessant screaming that goes on at a boy band concert, I consider myself fortunate to have attended dozens of hair metal shows during the music's heyday.  A few of my all-time favorite hair metal songs are featured below.


If you enjoy small armies of cute teens and young adults, both male and female, doing conservatively sexy, synchronous choreography with your sticky sweet pop music, you gotta give K-Pop videos a try.  They are crazy addictive. The video above counts down the 100 most viewed K-Pop videos as of October 1, 2015 and includes the single most viewed YouTube video of all-time - still getting 600,000 views per day. 


  1. Looking through the boy bands list, I was thinking that the content was unusual for HERC and his Hideaway when I saw it: Bay City Rollers at #3. Then it all made sense.

    For the record, I am completely unfamiliar with over half of that boy band list and hope to keep it that way.

    Also, I thought K-Pop was a delicious freezer treat that came in a variety of fruit flavors much like Otter Pops. I stand corrected.

    Digging the hair metal list, though, and in full agreement with the #1 choice.

    Rock on.

    1. Hope we can still be friends if I like more than a few songs by more than a few "boy bands" including those Titans in Tartan, the Bay City Rollers.

  2. I'll investigate this a bit further but as far as hair metal, Winger and Bulletboys for life. Amazing, considering I'm also a huge fan of Anthrax, Cro-Mags and S.O.D. Go figure.

    1. No reason to go figure, my man. Being "Music's Biggest Fan", you of all people should know there's no shame or guilt liking what you like, no matter how disparate they might seem.