Disco Friday: EURO DISCO [2009]

Like a lot of you, I spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking the metadata in my digital music library and actually prefer to catch it before I rip a disc as opposed to after.  Title, year, artist, BPM, album and peak Billboard positions are all very important to me and invaluable when constructing smart playlists.  However, I do not waste a lot of time futzing about with the genre field in my digital music library - chances are 100% that if a song is in my library, I like it regardless of the genre.  I'd wager that many, many songs in my digital library have blank genre fields, deleted before ripping.  Before acquiring this disc, I had one other CD in my collection titled Euro Disco:
That CD and today's disc(s) have exactly one track in common.  My point is I love music, I love disco music and I have no idea what constitutes Euro Disco - Is it disco music from Europe?  So we turn to disco expert Alan Jones, the man responsible for the liner notes for the Disco Discharge series:

There were only five songs on Euro Disco I knew before listening to the album:
  • "From Here To Eternity" - Giorgio Moroder  This one was released around the same time as Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express" and both tracks share similar construction, vocoder incantations and instrumentation but Moroder rises above the Germans the computer concerto with the titular melody.
  • "The Number One Song In Heaven" - Sparks  My first exposure to Sparks was their song "I Predict" which gave me a portrait of the group as somewhat quirky and Devo-ish.  Then I discovered the Mael Brothers immense back catalog and this song, written and produced by Giorgio Moroder.  It may have been Number One in Heaven but it only hit number 14 in England.
  • "I'm Ready" - Kano  Love those oft-sampled opening synth lines and that bass line is magnificent.
  • "Self Control" - Laura Branigan  Featuring more up front guitar than your average disco song, this one is probably the most well-known Pop song on the album.  Don't think I had ever heard the stretched out Extended Version before now.
  • "P Machinery" - Propaganda  Through Art of Noise and then Frankie Goes To Hollywood, I got into ZTT which led to Propaganda.  Like their label mates, Propaganda was no stranger to having more than a couple remixes made from each of their singles and this, the Polish mix, is one of the best.  For you OCD types, there are at least a dozen other versions of the song.  A recent listen conjured up James Bond theme possibilities.
yeartitleartistBillboard Disco Chart
1978Garden Of LoveDon Ray4:384
1980Angel In My PocketChange6:07-
1978Love In A SleeperSilver Convention5:32-
1978That's The Meaning / Boogie MotionBeautiful Bend13:183
1977Magic FlySpace4:16-
1977From Here To EternityGiorgio Moroder5:522
1979Extraterrestrial LoverSylvia Love6:58-
1979The Number One Song In HeavenSparks7:25-
1980FearEasy Going7:5229
1980Give Me A BreakVivien Vee8:529
1983I.C. Love AffairGaz Nevada6:29-
1983Take Me To The TopAdvance6:1655
1984Change Of HeartChange7:0317
1980I'm ReadyKano7:138
1984Self ControlLaura Branigan5:002
1988I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix)Eighth Wonder7:59-
1985P Machinery (Polish)Propaganda9:2410
1984Dancing In The DarkMike Mareen5:34-
1983Happy Station (Scratch Mix)Fun Fun5:55-
1981Live It Up (Album Version)Time Bandits7:246
1985Rise Up (For My Love) (Club Mix)Yvonne Kay7:52-

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  1. The interviews are really selling me on this collection. I need to go investigate where to buy it from as I am a big disco fan.