Demon/Harmless's BACKBEATS series: Mod Life Crisis

Of the original 30 Backbeats various artists collections, we have covered 29 of them here on The Hideaway. (After today, we'll have covered all 30!)  That leaves us with just four more of the of the last dozen (numbers 31-42) to audition but first things first. Those of you playing along at home this is number 28 in the Backbeats series, Mod Life Crisis - 60s Mod Anthems For The In Crowd from 2011. It's got twenty-seven choice tracks compiled with love by Dean Rudland.
What is a "Mod"? According to Dictionary.com, a Mod is:
a young person of a subculture characterized by stylish dress, the riding of motor scooters, and a liking for soul music.  
Apparently, as the title of this album alludes to, "The In Crowd" is kind of the unofficial official theme song of the Mod. To my ears, these Mod anthems sound a lot like Northern Soul, and the seventeen tracks in the playlist above have plenty of soulful moments from artists both familiar and new to me. I listened to this one while doing some pool maintenance one afternoon. Wife asked me what I was listening to cause she saw me bopping from time to time. Surely that is some sort of endorsement.

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  1. What a series! Here's hoping that more Backbeats releases are being planned!

    xxx ooo