Now 91 [UK] vs So Fresh The Hits of Winter 2015 [AUS]

Tomorrow will see the release of Now That's What I Call Music 91 on the new globally mandated New Music Friday! 44 Top Chart Hits featuring eight UK Number Ones!  Plus many other songs you've never heard before.  While I like a few songs on here most of them leave me with that meh feeling.  And surely this has to be a record amount of artists featuring artists: I count 17 plus a "with" and a times "x".  The official Now UK people posted a playlist on Spotify but it was incomplete so I HERC'd it.  Now complete and completely safe for work though some of the songs are not the abbreviated radio edits as featured on the album.  Any videos I would have posted I have already been posted HERE.  Let the countdown for Now 92 begin!

It's Wintertime in Australia so our Summertime hits are their Wintertime hits.  So confusing, So Fresh?  So Fresh: The Hits Of Winter 2015 went on sale back in June 2015 but I just found the message in a bottle washed upon the shore this morning.  Better late than never?  The digital edition has twenty-three blasts from the recent past for #Throwback Thursday.  Elated and humbled that my own personal pick for Song Of The Summer is on the album.  This is the "safe for your mom" version:

My Mom's favorite song of the moment is on this album too.  She says it is some of the best advice you can get.  Or give.

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  1. Shut Up and Dance is one of my very favorites from 2015 so far.