The Soundtrack of Summer 2015: HERC'S M!X

My affinity for Endless Summer, the 1974 Beach Boys double album hits compilation has been documented as has my complete lack of interest in the christening of the Song Of Summer 2015.  But for all the concerned viewers who have contacted me since that last post, please know I am doing fine and the timeless tales of sand, surf, girls, cars and all other aspects of California teen life recorded and released by the Beach Boys have actually been soundtracking a significant amount of my Summer thus far. Every song reminds me of my Dad and I wouldn't want it any other way.
The three double album compilations from Capitol Records - Endless Summer (1974), Spirit Of America (1975) and Sunshine Dream (1982) have been providing just the right amount of nostalgia of Summer's past and vocal sunshine to soothe and numb this Summer's sadness.  There are dozens of other, more modern and comprehensive compilations I could be listening to but these three and especially Endless Summer are working their magic. True to form, the group was not signed to Capitol when each of the these three comps were released.  
The illustrations for this post were found in a full-page ad in Billboard circa June 1982 primarily promoting the then just released third compilation, Sunshine Dream, which covered 1967-1969 Beach Boys singles and album tracks but also featured "The Beach Boys Medley", a fourteen song medley that made it to number 12 on the Hot 100 in October 1981 via a shortened nine song single version.  And though each one was a double vinyl album, only Sunshine Dream ran over an hour across all four sides.  The first two comps are available on Spotify direct from Capitol Catalog but ol' HERC pieced together Sunshine Dream from shells washed in on the surf and tide.

Sunshine Dream

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  1. Every summer is a Beach Boys summer! A most excellent post. You've inspired me to pull out my vinyl copy of Endless Summer and give it a spin this morning.