So Fresh! Hits Of Autumn 2015 vs Now 90 vs Now! 24 (Bonus Nows, too)

For the first time ever, Canada has been invited to an international hits compilation post here on The Hideaway.  Hope you have your passport ready.  'Cause. Here. We. Go!

Now! 24 hit Canadian shelves on March 3, 2015.  The CD has 16 songs, all of which probably set the Canadian airwaves and charts aflame - as HERC writes this, many of the songs are indeed among the 100 Most Played Songs on Spotify Canada.  **SPOILER ALERT** - one of the songs also appears on a CD below.  Music videos, anyone?

March 20th saw the release of So Fresh; The Hits Of Autumn 2015 in Australia.  Available as a stand-alone CD or a CD+DVD combo pack, the CD is packed with 22 tracks while the DVD features 12 music videos of songs from the CD.  Here's a few of HERC's favorite songs from the CD which may or may not appear on the DVD - we may never know:

Over in the UK, the venerable Now That's What I Call Music series hits a milestone with Now 90 on March 30, 2015.  Another double CD collection with another 45 TOP CHART HITS, including six Number Ones and several songs that appear on Sony's So Fresh disc above.  At the current rate of three numbered volumes per year, the UK Now series - the original Now series that beget all others - will see its 100th volume is the Summer of 2018.  Will music be available in a physical medium by then or will it all be digital and streaming?  Will there still be music videos?  Here's three more of them for now:

HERC honestly doesn't know what to make of the latest three disc special Now compilation from the UK HQ, out April, 13, 2015 and simply titled Now That's What I Call A Song.  The first disc seems to be recent songs from the last few years including songs from Now 90 above, the second disc seems to go back a bit further in time while the third disc features songs from the Eighties.  Two of HERC's favorite songs of the fifty-nine on the album are represented in the music videos that follow:

Back here en los Estados Unidos de América, Now 54 is not due out until sometime in May but the domestic Now franchise continues to crank out compilations, this time partnering up with the Academy Of Country Music to honor 50 Years of their annual ACM Awards™ with the unwieldy title Now That's What I Call ACM Awards™ - 50 Years.  The first disc of the two disc, 34 track album is devoted to the past twenty-five years (1990-2015) while the second disc covers the twenty-five years prior to that (1965-1989).  While not every year is represented by a song there are quite a few HERC favorites on the second disc but only a handful of favorites on the first disc.  Three of HERC's all-time favorite songs, which just happen to be award-winning country classics, can be heard in the videos below:

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