Mixtape Monday: "My Name Is PRINCE!"

HERC helped someone move this past weekend and was rewarded for his feats of strength with a Sony CD Changer Stereo System with punctured speakers... but the cassette deck works!  Mixtape Monday is back in business!  

MRS. HERC had the pleasure of reaching into the big box of tapes and pulling out this week's featured tape and she picked one you'd think HERC would remember but he swears he doesn't.
Titled "My Name Is PRINCE!" after Prince's declarative title track from his 1992 Symbol album, there are 26 Prince songs spanning most of his career, from Dirty Mind in 1980 through the 1998 release of Crystal Ball.  There are b-sides and live tracks but no extended or remix versions.  In fact, several single edits are used instead of longer album versions.  Strangely, the tape's title song is nowhere to be found.  The tape itself is a TDK CDing II 110 minute cassette with both purple and gold accents on its clear case.
HERC thinks that the tape was one of six that came with a carrying case that he received as a gift from an office Christmas party but what perplexes him is the tracklist - it has a few of his favorite songs but nowhere as many as he would put on a Prince mixtape for his own personal enjoyment which makes him think he had made it for someone else, either on a whim or by commission.  And though he clearly created the tape insert, he claims no memory of it.
See what he means about the insert?  Talk about minimal liner notes.  Cool Purple Rain-style font on the song titles though.  Far from a comprehensive selection, almost half of the songs are from the Nineties.  Despite owning his masters now, there are a few albums Prince hasn't made available on Spotify like Diamonds & Pearls, Crystal Ball and The Gold Experience.  Based on the most recent songs on the tape, HERC's best guess is he made the tape in 1997 or 1998 for a friend at work. and either never gave it to them or he made a copy for himself.

SIDE A54:21
1982Little Red Corvette04:57
1982Horny Toad02:13
1995The Ride (live)05:14
1992Blue Light04:38
1980When You Were Mine03:44
198417 Days04:00
1997Don't Play Me02:48
1987I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man06:29
1996One Of Us05:19
SIDE B54:09
1984Let's Go Crazy04:40
1981Controversy (single)03:39
1984When Doves Cry (single)03:47
1986Last Heart03:01
1987Forever In My Life03:31
1993Nothing Compares 2 U (live)04:57
1985She's Always In My Hair03:27
1996I Like It There03:15
1984I Would Die 4 U02:59
1984Baby I'm A Star04:24
1995Gold (single)04:43

Speaking of awkward playlists, get a load of the tape below. One of HERC's DJ friends enlisted in the Air Force in 1989 and was shipped overseas as part of Operation Desert Shield in 1990.  When they guy returned to the States, he reestablished contact with HERC and mentioned that he had picked up "something special" for him "over there".  A few weeks later, this tape arrived in the mail:
It came in a light blue clamshell style case so big that an unwrapped TDK SA90 fits inside of it.  The case reminds HERC of a small version of the cases VHS rental tapes used to come in - remember those?   Inside the case, HERC found this tape:
Tucked behind the tape, held in by four tiny tabs, was this unintentionally hilarious lyric sheet featuring songs like "Little Re Corvetle", "Rapsbery Beret" and "Betdance" (and the lyrics are just as butchered as the song titles):
click to embiggen
So which tape would you rather listen to?  Astoundingly, HERC claims to have never listened to The Very Best Of Prince tape.  He's kept it for almost 25 years, tucked away in a box.


  1. I would rather listen to yours, of course. Lots of classic b-sides there.

  2. That Very Best of Prince deserves its own post. I would have listened to that thing within seconds of opening it.