Hot 100 Debuts - March 1982

While thumbing through his well-worn copy of Billboard Hot 100 Charts - The Eighties, HERC's wandering attention began to focus on the weekly debuts of 1982, and as he looked at the new songs that appeared each week, he began rating each week as if it were a college sport recruiting class with its future performance already recorded.  If you know HERC, you know he loves deriving new numbers out of other numbers. (Top 40 Index? K-Tel Scale?)  Long story short, HERC devised a formula which has since been tweaked that allows songs to be compared based on more than just their chart position, whether it be debut or, more often, peak.  He's applying said formula to every song to debut on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1982 and writing up weekly posts on each month's debuts.  Similar projects have been done before by others most notably Chris Stufflestreet's Music Mayhem blogs which reviewed each debuting single on the Hot 100 in both the Seventies and Eighties.  (Sadly, Chris passed in the Fall of 2012 but his blogging legacy lives on.)  Another forerunner of HERC's project is John Michaelson's super mega informational Hot 100 Singles Chronology site and it's equally attractive sister site, Weekly Top 40.  In particular, this page from the former which lists every single to debut on the Hot 100 in 1982 in chronological order.  This is HERC's third post on the subject of debuts in the Hot 100 and covers March 1982.  Unlike the first two months of 1982 which saw 35 debuts each, this one features 36.

Hot 100 debut
debut pos
3/6/198257*Don't Talk to StrangersRick Springfield208
3/6/198280Making LoveRoberta Flack183
3/6/198284I've Never Been To MeCharlene205
3/6/198286*Don't You Want MeHuman League211
3/6/198287Shanghai BreezesJohn Denver143
3/6/198288*Always On My MindWillie Nelson201
3/6/198289Please Don't Stop Me BabyThe Boys Band82
3/6/198290The Longer You WaitGino Vannelli26
3/6/198295Never Thought I'd Fall In LoveThe Spinners14
3/13/198280I'll Try Somethng NewA Taste Of Honey125
3/13/198282If I Had My Wish TonightDavid Lasley133
3/13/198283On A CarouselGlass Moon104
3/13/198288*Lonely NightsBryan Adams33
3/13/198293Sad GirlG.Q.20
3/13/198296If I Could Get YouGene Cotton34
3/20/198266*Did It In A MinuteHall & Oates191
3/20/198277*The Other WomanRay Parker Jr.203
3/20/198278*Hang FireRolling Stones166
3/20/198279*Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)Elton John183
3/20/198281Let's Hang OnBarry Manilow141
3/20/198282*Man On The CornerGenesis126
3/20/198290Make Up Your MindAurra62
3/20/198292Over The LineEddie Schwartz24
3/20/198296All Nigth With MeLaura Branigan66
3/27/198270*The Beatles Movie MedleyThe Beatles183
3/27/198275*Still In SaigonCharlie Daniels Band161
3/27/198278*Since You're GoneThe Cars123
3/27/198280*FantasyAldo Nova163
3/27/198282The GigoloO'Bryan92
3/27/198283I'll Drink To YouDuke Jupiter88
3/27/198284HollywoodShooting Star65
3/27/198285Stars On 45 III (A Tribute To Stevie Wonder)Stars On 45150
3/27/198286One To OneCarole King115
3/27/198287I'm In Love AgainPia Zadora115
3/27/198288My GirlDonnie Iris157
3/27/198290CirclesAtlantic Starr129

Three months in and we have over a hundred songs; a tidy little data set.  Let's look at some of the other data generated from this subset of the charts.  The average song thus far has debuted at 82 and risen to 40.  It has spent an average of 12 weeks on the chart, seven of them rising and five of them falling.  On average, the song scores a 126 using HERC's formula.  
from 106 songs
titleartistscoredebut positionpeak posisitiontotal weeks
Average SongAverage Artist126824012
Median SongMedian Artist128843911
Let's check those numbers again in three weeks to see if they hold true.  One thing we need to remember is that these charts, the charts before Soundscan and BDS made them all too accurate, are works of art produced by a small group of individuals given a small set of data and infulencing not just a multi-billion dollar industry but also setting trends and tastes for millions of chart followers.  Followers like HERC.  And probably you.

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