12 Days of Casey - Day 10

In somewhat of a countdown fashion, HERC will be featuring a different Casey Kasem Christmas show or countdown each day from now until December 25th, in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent and ending with the very first American Top 40 Christmas countdown from 1971.
Near the end of his long and illustrious broadcasting career, Casey Kasem recorded several Christmas music themed shows for his latter day countdowns American Top 20 and American Top 10.  On Day 10 of the 12 Days Of Casey HERC hits us with American Top 10 Christmas, a somewhat loosely structured three-hour show that is not a countdown but rather just a Special Holiday Edition of American Top 10.  Instead of song and artist trivia, Casey plays two or three songs then back announces them before telling the origins of Christmas traditions from around the world.  It's a different type of Casey show but HERC likes it nevertheless.  The songs played are in the playlist below in the order they were played on the show.  Check your local radio listings online as this show may be on near you this weekend.

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  1. Casey not counting them down? This I gotta hear!