Mixtape Monday: "G"

It's hardly worth pointing out (but HERC is gonna do it anyway) that the particular vintage of TDK SA90 tapes HERC was using back in 1984 were of the older, minimalist design (unlike the glossy, golden one featured in the graphic at the top of the post); just a label with three silver stripes and two black stripes, silver lettering except for the 90 which was printed in green.  Now that HERC has told you, allow him to show you:

This tape is all over the place musically though there seems to be a feint dance vein running throughout but that doesn't explain the Bon Jovi and REO Speedwagon tracks on Side B.  Both tracks were and are favorites of HERC's.  All the ladies back in the day loved the Laid Back track though HERC never understood the fascination.  Maybe our Eighties Clubbin' Correspondent, Martin "Crazy Legs" Maenza, can shine some light on the track.  Our Lady Of Perpetual Green Penmanship erroneously labeled the final track on the tape as "Reflex" by Re-Flex.  Popping the tape into the old Sony deck for a wayback playback, HERC was able to confirm that the track is the extended version of "The Politics Of Dancing" by Re-Flex.
While listening to Side A of the tape, it dawned on HERC that it was a dub of an album, not just some random songs he had thrown together.  First clue, there were no gaps between the songs though minimal effort was made to mix or blend them into one another.  A little research in HERC's index card system of albums determined that the entirety of Side A of tape "G" is made up of both sides of an album titled Heat:
As you can see, HERC managed to copy both sides of the album with the exception of the final track, Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself".  Mystery solved.

SIDE A44:24
1984Let's Stay TogetherTina Turner03:40
1983*MegamixHerbie Hancock06:18
1984Breakin'Ollie & Jerry04:27
1984Give Me TonightShannon03:53
1984Doctor! Doctor!Thompson Twins04:39
1983White HorseLaid Back03:56
1984It's My LifeTalk Talk03:54
1984You Can't Get What You WantJoe Jackson04:54
1984No More WordsBerlin03:55
1984Romancing The StoneEddy Grant04:48
SIDE B43:53
1984RunawayBon Jovi03:51
1984I Need You TonightPeter Wolf03:39
1984DynamiteJermaine Jackson06:01
1983Neutron DancePointer Sisters04:13
1984Like A VirginMadonna03:39
1984*Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Mix)Duran Duran08:00
1984I Do' Wanna KnowREO Speedwagon04:13
1982Electric AvenueEddy Grant03:45
1984*The Politics Of DancingRe-Flex06:32

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