Mixtape Monday: "F"

Sadly, today's tape, the letter "F" could not be located for a reminiscent listen.  The empty case with the J-card was found so they will be shared but as far as the playlist goes, HERC had to make some educated guesses based on what he knows he had in his record collection back in late October 1984, which is his best guess as to when this mixtape was created.
One unique element of this tape is the inclusion of two pairs of segued songs, one on Side A from The Kings and one on Side B from Saga.  "Segued" meaning there was little silence or no gap between the the songs on their parent album and were usually played back to back on the radio as if they were one long song.  Two of the most played pairs of segued songs on Classic Rock radio are Queen's "We Will Rock You"/"We Are The Champions" and The Steve Miller Band's "Space Intro" leading seamlessly into "Fly Like An Eagle".
Despite the wide range of tracks or maybe because of it, both HERC and MRS. HERC enjoyed listening to the Spotify playlist HERC created based on tape's j-card.  Deep tracks from Yaz, Afrika Bambaataa and Heaven 17 were most welcome though the throwback track from Sweet still seems a little off.  Great track, though.  For those of you playing along at home, the Saga track(s) are not yet available on Spotify.

SIDE A45:39
1984Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoWham!03:51
1984Jungle LoveThe Time05:33
1981Geisha Boys and Temple GirlsHeaven 1704:34
1984I Feel For YouChaka Khan05:44
1983State FarmYaz03:36
1981Mony MonyBilly Idol05:03
1980This Beat Goes On / Switichin' To GlideThe Kings05:43
1980PartyitisThe Kings03:51
1984The BirdThe Time07:44
SIDE B44:25
1981Start Me UpRolling Stones03:33
1981On The Loose / Wind Him UpSaga09:55
1984RelaxFrankie Goes To Hollywood03:57
1984Rock BoxRun-D.M.C.05:31
1984Frantic SituationAfrika Bambaataa05:01
1984Hot For TeacherVan Halen04:42
1974Fox On The RunSweet03:28
1982East Of Eden's GateBilly Thorpe06:20
1981Ronnie, Talk To RussiaPrince01:58

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