Summer In Stereo #30

HERC has raved and will continue to rave about The Monroes sparkling single "What Do All the People Know" until his dying breath.  It is sheer power-pop perfection. Originally featured on the cover of the May 8, 1982 issue of Billboard, the single debuted on the Hot 100 three weeks later but was off the chart before the end of July.  Over on the Top Tracks chart, "What Do All The People Know" jumped in at #20 - it's peak during a six week tour - on June 9th while the five-song EP from which the song was lifted spent a dozen weeks on the Rock Albums chart, also peaking at #20.  Without further adieu, here's The Monroes with "What Do All The People Know"

(HERC wrote more in depth about the song and the band's bad luck HERE.)

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  1. This will always be a favorite song of mine! So wish the band had done more.