Summer Chart Flashback: Summer Albums 1980

Of the twenty-three albums that made the Top 10 on Billboard's Album chart during the Summer of 1980, only three climbed all the way to #1.  Using the charts from May 31st through September 6th, HERC distilled the Top 10 of those twenty-three albums using a brand new built from the ground up formula that not only takes into account longevity but also the artists astrological sign(s), the colorfulness of their record labels and weeks spent at #1.  (With a slight tweak to account for making the Top 10, the formula will be applied to the remaining four Summer Singles charts, covering the years 1980-1983.)  Only one album spent each of the fifteen weeks of Summer in the Top 10: it logged six weeks at #1, three weeks at #2, five weeks at #3 and was at #9 when the fifteen weeks were over.  After all of that, it ended up as #2 album for the Summer. (Spoiler alert:  the #2 Single Of Summer 1980 is by the same artist.)  Also of note during the fifteen weeks of charts, two weeks had identical charts - August 23rd and August 30th. HERC had seven of the ten albums in 1980.  How 'bout you?  Here's the countdown of the Top 10 albums of Summer 1980, from ten to one:


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two weeks @ #1
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six weeks @ #1

seven weeks @ #1

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