Summer In Stereo #76

HERC was a latecomer to 1974's "Summer Madness".  It was the late Seventies and one of the benefits of being an Air Force brat was the frequent concerts given at elementary and junior high schools by the Air Force Jazz Band - probably not their name but you get the gist, guys in military dress uniform playing instruments.  Before they took the gym floor, (don't know why they never performed on stage - all the schools HERC attended had them) their sound guy would play two or three jazz songs while students filed into the bleachers.  This song was one of them at one show (maybe sixth grade, just before school got out 1978?), HERC knows cause he went and asked the guy what song it was. The only other thing he remembers about that particular show was the first song the band played - a rockin' little version of Toto's "Hold The Line".  Still, after all these years, "Summer Madness" is groovy little tune to lay out by the pool with or blast in The Blueberry.  

In 1991, DJ Jazzy Jeff would procure the song as the backing track for The Fresh Prince's laid back "Summertime" rhyme.  Y'all know this one.

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