Summer In Stereo #95

Sounding unlike anything else on the airwaves in 2003, Beyoncé's debut solo single apart from Destiny's Child, "Crazy In Love", won confessed non Destiny's Child fan HERC over from the moment he first heard its initial horny hook.  Producer Rich Harrison sampled several elements of The Chi-Lites single "Are You My Woman?" to build the track, most notably the driving horn section which propels the song into the uppermost popmosphere, while Bey and her beau Jay-Z laced the track.  "Crazy In Love" went on to dominate the Summer of 2003 and top a host of lists honoring not only the top tracks of 2003 but the best songs of the entire decade known as the 2000s.

Then in 2005, Harrison struck gold once again with another sample-laden track initially intended for J. Lo.  Adding a go-go inspired dollop of drums to the break in The Meters version of "Oh, Calcutta!", Harrison came up with another killer hook and Amerie took it to another level with her passionate vocals.  Though the song peaked on the charts in Spring 2005, HERC always tosses it on his Summer mixes as an amped up accompaniment to "Crazy In Love".

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