Summer In Stereo #94

"Walkin' On The Sun" didn't really sound like anything else when it hit the airwaves did it?  The song was retro and futuristic and when HERC ran to the local purveyor of shiny discs to add the song to his collection, there was nothing to be had - unless you bought the whole album.  So that's what HERC did and he found another song he came to like a lot, a ska'd-up cover version of  War's "Why Can't We Be Friends".  Smash Mouth has since become a perennial Summer favorite here at the Hideaway with sing-songy, goofybutgood tunes like "All Star""Pacific Coast Party" and their cover of "I'm A Believer".

The Summer connection HERC makes with "Walkin' On The Sun" (beside this one) is Fastball's "The Way". Though he later came to find out the gruesome origins of the song, "The Way" screams Summer In The Desert to HERC and has often accompanied "Walkin' On The Sun" on mixtapes, mixdiscs and playlists.

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