Mixtape Monday: MOVING IN STEREO 1978-1987

"Moving In Stereo" is indelibly etched in the minds of males of HERC's generation as the soundtrack to the Phoebe Cates red bikini scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. (HERC also loves the blue bikini tribute done by Jennifer Garner on television show Alias twenty-one years later.) The song is best experienced (not just listened to) through headphones as one nine minute gapless track with "All Mixed Up", the song it segues into at the close of The Cars' 1978 self-titled debut album (above).

Today's mixtape represents the first ten years of The Cars. Employing a chronological by album ordering of tracks, HERC took his favorite songs from each album and recorded them off in the order they appeared on the original album. Some tough choices were made as not all of the chosen songs would fit on the Denon HD8/100 tape he used for the project.  HERC has been a fan of The Cars since first hearing "Just What I Needed" in the Summer of 1978 though the first album he bought by the band was their sophomore effort Candy-O, the following Summer.

One of HERC's favorite things about The Cars' albums is the segued songs some of them feature.  The first album had the aforementioned "Moving In Stereo"/"All Mixed Up" tandem while Candy-O had "Shoo Be Doo"/"Candy-O" and Shake It Up has "Think It Over"/"Maybe Baby".  All are best enjoyed via headphones.

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