Mixtape Monday: DRIVING TAPE

With a clever and imaginative title like Driving Tape, you just know today's mixtape is going to be filled with epic sonic landscapes to make both the time and the miles pass by. Pump the brakes, Turbo.  Turns out the tape is one of a series HERC made to test and tune car stereos while parked in driveways and carports.  Judging from the tracklist, this was more than likely compiled in the Spring of 1988.  Also judging from the tracklist, a better title might have been INXS and Friends.


B Side

not on Spotify:
"Got My Mind Set On You" - George Harrison

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  1. Great mix, especially with all the INXS stuff.

    Squeeze's Hourglass may not be their best song, but I like it good enough. It was their biggest US hit (#15 on the pop chart and #45 on the adult contemporary chart) and had a great video.