Madacy's ROCK ON: 1980-1984 [1996-2006]

In 1996, Madacy's Rock On compilations featuring a dozen mostly Top 10 songs each from the years 1970-1989 began showing up on the shelves of Target.  (They may have been sold elsewhere but HERC only saw them at Target.)  You could tell they were Top 10 songs or at least Top 40 because the chart positions for each song were printed on the back, like stats on a baseball card.  In those days, he did not have the luxury of carrying around a complete database of his music collection in his pocket, so HERC would give each disc a cursory scan to see if there were any songs he wanted/needed and ended up buying a couple of the discs only to later give them away because it turned out he already had the songs on other discs.  

A second wave of discs highlighting each year was released in 1998 followed by a third wave of discs in 2005-2006 curiously bearing the Volume Two designation.  Collectors seem to agree that the sound of the first two waves of discs is superior to the third wave and that there are several somewhat hard-to-find single versions sprinkled throughout the entire collection.  HERC has done his best to round up the discs covering the first half of the Eighties and share them with us via artwork and Spotify playlists.


Rock On 1980-1984 - The REMIX
almost 3 hours of Club Mixes

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  1. Great series. I think I got mine at Walmart (back when I would shop there).