HERC's Favorite Albums from MARTIN'S VIEW - January 2014

Martin Maenza has been banging out Martin's View posts since July 2007.  In that time, his site has evolved from posts about books, DVDs, comics and music into focused, track by track reviews of an album (or two) a day.  Many times, Martin freely admits to being familiar with only a few tracks before listening to an album for a review and sometimes, the entire album and/or artist are completely new to him. Possibly, the coolest thing Martin does is he posts in as close to chronological order as possible by the albums' original release dates.  For 2014, he's publishing a nostalgic parade of albums from 1979 and 1984.  Reading his posts and getting to know Martin has given HERC a new appreciation for some of his own favorite albums as well as introduced him to others he missed through the years.  These are HERC's Favorite Albums from those Martin reviewed in January 2014.


  1. Herc, thanks for the plug. I really appreciate that.

  2. Hope it didn't come off as a shameless plug; it was meant more as an homage to the fine music you chose to spotlight on your site.

    HERC already has four albums lined up for the February review of Martin's Views so keep on doing what you do.