HEARD IT ON THE RADIO Volume 4 [2001]

After releasing three volumes of relatively obscure and increasingly hard to find AOR music from the late Seventies and early Eighties, Renaissance planned to release the fourth volume in their Heard It On The Radio series and distributed a "promo only not for sale" disc (below) containing eighteen tracks and absolutely no artwork in 2001.

Featuring as many Hot 100 charting singles as Volumes Two and Three combined, this Volume Four CD kicked off with Asia's "Gypsy Soul", a song that was otherwise only found on the soundtrack to Sylvester Stallone's arm-wrestling pic from 1987, Over The Top.  As the newest track on this compilation, "Gypsy Soul" and the Over The Top soundtrack album had been released on CD in 1987 which set it apart from all of the other tracks on Volume Four.

For HERC, the only songs on Heard It On The Radio Volume Four that lived up to the title were the four Top 40 hits pictured above, none of which were available on compact disc here in the States in 2001 though both the Shaw and Giuffria parent albums were available as pricey Japanese imports.
titleartistyearlabelHot 100Rock
1Gypsy SoulAsia1987Columbia
2Sausalito SummernightDiesel1981Regency2527
3Where Did The Time GoFast Forward1984Island
4Blue WindowsGlass Moon1980Radio
5Shakedown CruiseJay Ferguson1979Asylum31
6Everything Is ChangingStreets1983Atlantic
7Hot Summer NightsNight1979Planet18
8Physical SpeedPrivate Lightning1980A&M
9RelentlessRed 71985MCA
10White Lies & Black Satin NightsSpirit1984Mercury
11Fool Moon FireWalter Egan1983Backstreet46
12Young HeartBlanket Of Secrecy1982Warner Bros.
13For The WeekendBTO1984Compleat
14Call To The HeartGiuffria1984MCA153
15Keeping Our Love AliveHenry Paul Band1981Atlantic5023
16Girls With GunsTommy Shaw1984A&M336
17Fire With FireWild Blue1986Chrysalis71

Which brings us to the album pictured at the tippy-top of this post which clearly reads Heard It On The Radio Volume Four. Flash forward ten years after the promo only disc above was released: It's 2011 and Renaissance has regrouped as RDEG (Renaissance Digital Entertainment Group?) and is now offering digital versions of many of its former CD only releases, including the first three volumes of Heard It On The Radio, at all of the usual outlets like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.  To further promote the label's latest endeavor, they issued three more digital-only (no CD) volumes in the Heard It On The Radio series, with each track coming from a licensed RDEG album.  The artwork at the top of this post accompanies the sixteen track digital version of Volume Four which retains just four of songs from the promo only CD version.  (One song each from the Volume One and Volume Two discs also reappeared on this incarnation of Volume Four.)  Ten of the sixteen songs on Volume Four made the Hot 100 and half of those even made it into the Top 40. HERC's favorite song on this playlist is Planet P Project's "What I See", an ominously haunting mechanical rocker from the Pink World double disc concept album.
titleartistyearlabelHot 100Rock
1I Could Be Good For You7071980Casablanca52
2Breaking AwayBalance1981Portrait22
3It's InevitableCharlie1983Mirage3813
4My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)Chilliwack1981Millennium2216
5She Looks A Lot Like YouThe Clocks1982Boulevard6747
6Where Did The Time GoFast Forward1984Island
7On A CarouselGlass Moon1982Radio50
8Turn Your Heart AroundKeats1984EMI
9Am I A DreamerKelly Groucutt1983Riva
10Don't Ever Wanna Lose YaNew England1979Infinity40
11What I SeePlanet P Project1984MCA25
12NicolePoint Blank1981MCA3920
13RelentlessRed 71985MCA
14Summer SunShooting Star1985Geffen
15Fool Moon FireWalter Egan1983Backstreet46
16Fire With FireWild Blue1986Chrysalis71

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