Atlantic's DANCE TRAXX [1986-1987]

Dance Traxx is a compilation of a dozen remixes previously available only on twelve inch singles.  The album was released as a two record set on vinyl or a double-length cassette in 1986.  Credit for the compilation is given to Tha Yasgars, Erin and Larry.  The following remixes from 1982-1986 (with their peak position on Billboard's Dance chart) were chosen for Dance Traxx:

The System - You Are In My System [#14]

Steve Arrington - Dancin' In The Key of Life [#2]

INXS - Original Sin [#13]

Laura Branigan - Gloria [#4]

Dance Traxx Volume Two came out in 1987 on CD, vinyl and cassette.  The album compiles nine remixes that had been released on twelve inch singles.  Credit for the compilation is given once again to the Yasgars, though this time around it's Larry, Andy, Ryan, Adam and Brian Yasgar along with the Goksels: Selim, Suna and Aziz.  The following remixes - all from 1986 - (with their peak position on Billboard's Dance chart) appear on Dance Traxx Volume Two:

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