The Roches' WE THREE KINGS [1990]

Harmony, Joy and Faith

...are not the names of the three Roche sisters (Maggie, Terre and Suzzy) but those three words could be used to describe their performances on the 1990 album We Three Kings.   Consisting of 24 traditional Christmas classics with interesting arrangements and an underlying spirit of whimsy, where appropriate. And that's the litmus test: Do you like a little whimsy in your Holiday music?  If you answered in the affirmative, The Roches' We Three Kings might be right for you.  HERC likes whimsy and he loves him some sweet harmonies so this album gets quite a bit of play, year in and year out.  Truth be told though, the original camel artwork freaked HERC out a little so he was ever so grateful when the album was re-issued by Rykodisc in 1994 with the artwork below, though some would argue that the new illustration is a whole different kind of disturbing.

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