Kelly Clarkson's WRAPPED IN RED [2013]

The one and only true American Idol

She can sing anything - ANYTHING - with style & ease and she lacks all the diva drama tendencies of her chart-topping sorority sisters.  Kelly is a long-time favorite of HERC's and a fellow Texan - he has all of her albums.  (He might even buy her country album due next year.) While her recent weirdly high-concept TV Christmas special was messy at times, it was most enjoyable whenever she sang. 

The album is laced with five originals, the first of which "Underneath The Tree" (above and below), is sitting atop the Adult Contemporary chart this week while Wrapped In Red enjoys a week at the top of the Holiday Albums chart.  (If you're gonna buy it, you get two bonus tracks buying at Target.  Just sayin') The covers and carols that make up the rest of the album are winners, too, making it hands down, HERC's most listened to Holiday album thus far in the 2013 Holiday Season.

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