When HERC unveiled his Carrie Diaries playlist on January 15, 2013, it was the third one available on Spotify with the official CW playlist being posted mere hours later as the fourth playlist.  Nearly a dozen people subscribed to/Followed it that first week and then, as the season unfolded, with each new episode bringing more Eighties music, the subscription numbers took off.  (Ed. - That very first playlist appears to have been deleted.)

Other playlists began appearing in Spotify and, as of right now, there are a dozen playlists that come up when searching for "carrie diaries" in Spotify including HERC's M!X and a copy of HERC's M!X which has exactly one Follower, which just passed the 400 subscriber mark yesterday.  Maybe its no coincidence that HERC's playlist has more songs [92!], songs actually heard on the show and a few bonus original versions of modern covers, most of which have yet to show up in Spotify.


The second Carrie Diaries playlist, Faves '80's from The Carrie Diaries, was put together almost a week before the first episode aired.  It is made up of 40 songs, the overwhelming majority of which have yet to appear on the show.  Nevertheless, it has 393 Followers despite never having been updated since January 9, 2013.

That original CW playlist is titled The Carrie Diaries Season 1, has 66 songs and more than 1700 Followers.  The playlist features several re-recordings (which HERC never uses in his own playlists) of original tracks including readily available original versions by Bow Wow Wow and A Flock Of Seagulls.  There is no indication if a Season 2 playlist if forthcoming from thecwspotify.

This playlist, The Carrie Diaries, was posted just a couple of weeks ago and has 15 Followers.  There are at least 6 dead links and 20 re-links among the 82 songs, though.

Carrie Diaries Music was posted nine days ago, just after the second season premiered.  This playlist lacks any Followers and despite having only 56 songs, it is the best playlist available - not curated by HERC - for the show.

The Carrie Diaries 2 contains some songs that have been heard on the show and most of its 31 tracks are from the 80s.  (Except maybe for those two Luis Miguel tracks.)  This playlist, posted on October 26, 2013, has 8 Followers.

The remaining six playlists including the copy of HERC's M!X (it is in the title and HERC is flattered, make no mistake) and between them they have just six followers.  Do you have to be a fan of the show to like the music?  Nope.  HERC stopped watching the show midway through the first season and now merely scans through the program (which MRS. HERC still dutifully records and watches on her Hi-Def DVR) with his trusty Soundhound app to identify songs he can't pick out on his own.

Here's HERC's M!X

[The colorful cassettes pictured throughout the post were originally posted by The CW on their Tumblr as Season One progressed.]


  1. I've never even heard of the show (is the CW still a thing?), but this is a playlist of the first order and will accompany me at the office today. As always, thanks for putting in the work and creating this playlist.

    It's always a treat to discover "new to me" songs mixed in with the ones I've known for over 30 years.

  2. Since you're not in their target demographic - Women 18-34 years old - you can be forgiven for not knowing that the CW still exists and even enjoys small ratings victories within its demographic from time to time.

    CW shows often have stong music elements (and dudes with scruffy facial hair) to better appeal to their demographic, from current shows like The Vampire Diaries, Hart Of Dixie and Supernatural to ended series such as Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

    Finding new music to listen to, regardless of the source, is always a good thing, no matter when it was originally released - if I don't remember hearing it, it is new to me. Am I right?