Have You Heard? ICEHOUSE's "Hey Little Girl" [1982]

official video

This haunting little ditty has been kicking around HERC's head for more than 30 years now.  But it it's not really an Eighties song is it?  It sounds timeless, like it was beamed here from the future with it's fade-in intro and clockwork rhythm.  And that voice!  Iva Davies!  He is Icehouse.

lipsynch 1983

live The Tube 1983

It came from 1982, incontrovertibly known as the single greatest year in pop music history.  It ruled the charts in more than a dozen countries and then belatedly crossed over to the US in 1983 where, in a rare feat, it nicked both the Hot Dance Club Play (#55) and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks (#31) charts.  It comes in album version, single edit, Disco edit, Dub mix or US Club mix.  Also available in '97 remix.

live 1988

The tone is mellow with dark clouds of desolation as our hero attempts to simultaneously comfort, console and somehow scold the title heroine.  Think Roxy Music's "More Than This", David Bowie's "China Girl" and pretty much any New Musik song all rolled into one.

live 2012

C'mon Iva, get the deets worked out 
and get Icehouse music onto Spotify!


  1. Herc, this one was very new to me. I definitely missed the album it came from Primitive Man when I did my 30th anniversary for 1982 albums back in 2012. I have it on my list to check out in the future. Thanks for posting this.

  2. But did you like the song?

  3. I certainly did not hate the song. That's a good start for a first time listen. ;)