Demon/Harmless's BACKBEATS Series #008: BACK TO MY PLACE BABY

 70s & 80s Seductive Soul - Ah, yeah!
The eighth volume of the Backbeats series shifts the focus from the crowded dance floor to more, uh, intimate places. allmusic's Thom Jurek calls Back To My Place Baby "an excellent collection of babymakers" and "a set of pure soul seduction".  And in one of the many cosmic coincidences that make this big blue marble a small world after all, HERC's friend "the soft rock kid" featured one of these songs on his blog earlier this week.  All HERC knows is that MRS. HERC likes this album and nothing else really matters.

One of the things that sets Back To My Place Baby apart from previous discs in the Backbeats series is that it draws from several different regions rather than one specific city - Memphis, Chicago and Philadelphia are all represented, with the great Philadelphia International Records label leading the pack with eight tracks.

Four of the songs from this disc are currently unavailable via Spotify.  And HERC substituted an available 7" single mix for an unavailable 12" mix of "I Choose You" by Paris in the playlist below.  And what of that song that the "soft rock kid" blogged about?  It was Jean Carn's "Don't Let It Go To Your Head":

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  1. These blog shout outs are going to my head.