SATURDAY SHUFFLE: Halloween III Times The Mayhem

This guy is a serious Dead Head.
Welcome to Week Three of HERC's special Halloween Saturday Shuffle.  Last week, he was stopped dead in his tracks on the 8th track.  Can he make it all the way to the 13th track again like he did in week one?   The suspense is killing him so let's get this Saturday Shuffle started shall we:

"Vampire" - John & Jehn
Time For The Devil [2009]
This one is new to HERC.  Spooky music? Check.  Scary lyrics? Check.  Added to this year's Halloween playlist? Checkity check check.  Note to self: check out the rest of their album for other playlist possibilities.

"A Nightmare On My Street" - 
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper [1988]
HERC does not watch scary movies but A Nightmare on Elm Street has a creepy theme song, used to great effect by the artist formerly known as the Fresh Prince.

"Trick Or Treat" - Otis Redding
Soul Six Pack [1966?]
A Halloween song in title only but what party can't use a little Otis?  And is it possible to make an all Soul All Souls Day mix? 
This one was still in the vault upon his untimely passing.

"The Graveyard Shift" - The Ghouls
Dracula's Deuce [1964]
HERC knows this song if only because he just wrote about it the other day.  The whole album alternates between creepy cool instrumentals and monster/hot rod hybrids like this one.

"Disturbia" - Rihanna
Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded [2008]
It's that "bom-bom-bi-dom-bom-bom" line that makes this one for HERC.  Rihanna's voice sounds paper thin on the track - does she always sound this way?

"Bring Me To Life" - Evanescence
Fallen [2003]
Now this is the voice of a haunted soul.  With key phrases like "wake me up" and "save me" she's playing the victim well while the music, once it kicks into rock mode sounds heroic.  HERC cannot believe this song is already ten years old.

"That Little Old Graverobber Me" - 
Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians
Monster Dance Party [1964]
This song was on another one of the those Sixties albums HERC featured earlier this week like The Ghouls track above. The album is mostly spooky and creepy voices a la "Monster Mash" and perfect for playing in the background at a spooky shindig.

"Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons
Night Visions [2012]
This one hits all the requirements of a Halloween song and pairs nicely with AWOLNATION's "Sail" or even Macy Gray's cover version.  In fact, Macy's album Covered is chock full of potential Halloween playlist songs.

"Killer In The Home" - Adam & the Ants
Kings Of The Wild Frontier [1980]
Another song HERC has always liked but never thought of as a potential Halloween hit until it turned up on his friend Martin's Halloween playlist which will be featured later this week on The Hideaway just in time for Halloween Night.  What if HERC paired this one up with "Indian Reservation" from Paul Revere & the Raiders with its spooky organ coda?  There's even a somewhat spooky instrumental version from steel guitar duo Santo & Johnny.

Dead Man's Party [1985]
A no-brainer.

"Black Magic Woman" - Santana
Abraxas [1970]
Another perfect song with the requisite moody music courtesy of the guitar and organ interplay and those lyrics.  Is HERC the only one who anticipates hearing "Gypsy Queen" after "Black Magic Woman" like on the Abraxas album?  The Fleetwood Mac original is only slightly less spooky.  Santana's classic rock covers album from 2010 features even more potential Halloween musica.

"Superstition" - Stevie Wonder
Talking Book [1972]
The story goes Stevie wrote this in the studio with Jeff Beck and offered it up to Beck to record until Motown head Berry Gordy stepped in and put the kibosh on that plan.  Stevie recorded "Superstition" himself, riding it all the way to the top of the charts, with a clavinet giving the song its distinctive sound. Beck then recorded "Superstition" as a member of Beck, Bogert, Appice the following year.  Macy Gray covered Stevie's entire Talking Book album, including "Superstition", in 2012.

"Man In The Box" - Alice In Chains
Facelift [1990]
On May 23rd, 1991, Alice In Chains was the opening act on The Clash Of The Titans tour. After their set, singer Layne Staley came and sat beside HERC in the aisle, just above floor level.  They chatted briefly before the next band came on stage and HERC told him that he really liked "Man In The Box" to which Layne replied "It's a freaky tune".  After a couple of songs from the next act - Anthrax? - Layne got up, said "Bye" and disappeared.

Woo-hoo!  Made it through all thirteen tunes.  Tune in for the final installment next Saturday to see if HERC's luck holds out.

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