SATURDAY SHUFFLE: Halloween II Guys, A Ghoul and a Pizza Place

Last week, the first part of this Halloween-themed Shuffle took place and HERC made it through all thirteen songs. Will he be able to do make it through thirteen songs two weeks in a row?  Only The Shadow knows.

Mean Girls [2004]
Never in a dozen years would HERC thought to include this song on a Halloween playlist but it works.  Might be worth checking out the Mean Girls soundtrack again.  Wanna fright? Look up the original cover art for this single.

Ocean Rain [1984]
Had it been issued a few years earlier, this song would have surely been included on the soundtrack to An American Werewolf In London soundtrack.  It's a quiet, spooky, atmospheric tune that transcends its Eighties origin date.  The extended All Night version is highly recommended.

Wild Planet [1980]
This one is easily dated as an 80s song.  It's a minor Halloween song at best but not a victim this time around.  The band's "Rock Lobster" or "Planet Claire" are better choices for a Halloween mix.

Ledbetter Heights [1995]
Spooky blues.  If you like that sort of thing.  HERC surely does. Joe Satriani's "Big Bad Moon" and Jeff Beck Group's "I Ain't Superstitious" would pair nicely with this one.

Danzig [1988]
Most any Danzig song fits the Halloween bill but this one is literally the "Mother" of them all.

Twin Peaks soundtrack [1990]
This is the instrumental theme to Twin Peaks with lyrics sung in a dreamy voice.  Pure atmosphere.  Just like the show.

Best Of Atlanta Rhythm Section [1979]
Underrated studio group with one of their three Halloween songs; HERC also likes the ghostly "Imaginary Lover" and the witchy "Evileen".  Technically, this one is a cover even though the song's lyricist is in the group.

God Bless Tiny Tim: The Complete Reprise Studio Masters... And More [2006]
Great song horribly done.  Might work for your Halloween playlist but not HERC's.

Seven Survivors and One Victim.  SHUFFLE OVER.

Kind of ironic because Tiny Tim's vanity label (above) was Vic Tim Records - his wife was "Miss Vicki".  Spooooky.

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  1. Spooky is a great track and I never tire of hearing it, but the real find for me is Deja Voodoo (if only for the great title).

    I would have killed this shuffle after that first track, so you've got more resilient ears than I do.