Martin's SPOO-KY BOO-GIE! [A Halloween Playlist]

One of the coolest guys out in the blogosphere is Martin from Martin's View. Each and every day (and sometimes if we're really lucky, twice a day) he resurrects an older album and reviews it, track by track.  Last year he covered 400 albums that were released in 1977 and 1982 and this year, he's on pace to review another 400 albums from 1978 and 1983.  Guess what he's gonna do in 2014?  Yup, review albums from 1979 and 1984 - shhhh, don't tell him HERC told you but he's already listening to those albums and writing up those reviews.  The man is serious about his stuff people - if you ask the man, he's got a five year plan, reviewing the titles he missed the first go round.  HERC is proud to call him a friend and is happy to share Martin's personal (and chronological) Halloween playlist which HERC has dubbed...


HERC is hoping that the Hideaway viewer who keeps anonymously suggesting Wordles would take the blog "to the next level" is viewing.

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  1. Herc, thanks for featuring my playlist. I am very honored. I liked the use of the word "resurrect" when talking about old albums. Very Halloween appropriate. :)