Here we are, in Fall 2013 TV Premiere Week with tons of new and returning shows, and what does HERC do?  He features a cancelled show from 2010: Love Bites.

The full length trailer (above) features scenes from the pilot episode which was reshot after some casting and storyline changes were made; most notably, co-star Jordan Spyro, who could not get out of her contract on My Boys. Originally scheduled for a Fall 2009 premiere, the show didn't actually make it on air until Summer 2010 when it was burned off two episodes at a time on Thursday nights.  In addition to the delays and many behind the scenes changes, one of the things that sealed the show's fate was that by the time it finally aired, all of the principal actors had committed to other projects so even if it had somehow been miraculously renewed, it would have required an entirely new cast.  That all but one of those projects fell through, however, is another cruel twist.

The show's premise is most similar to Love, American StyleThe Love Boat or HERC's beloved Supertrain, with three guest-star filled vignettes full of love and relationship issues tied together by a small recurring cast in each episode. A special bonus for HERC was Jennifer Love Hewitt playing herself in the first episode.  The show's theme song is a cover of (HERC's favorite song by) The Pretenders' "Message Of Love" by Emily Zuzik and Art Hays. Art says their original version (below) was rejected for sounding too much like The Pretenders so they recut it. 

Kevin J. Edelman was the music supervisor for Love Bites and peppered the show with (then) new songs, pop hits past and present.  Kevin does an exceptional job as music supervisor and his resume is full of HERC's favorite soundtracked shows: Tru Calling, My Name Is Earl (which unfortunately had a lot of music replaced on the DVDs), Bones, Elementary and The Mindy Project


  1. It took me a while to recognize the face - it's Quinn: Barney's stripper fiancee from HIMYM, ca. season 7.

  2. Mrs. HERC informs us that Becki Newton was previously on Ugly Betty before she adapoted the sun-kissed look she now sports and taking the role on Love Bites.

    She was indeed "Quinn Garvey" the Eskimo stripper on HIMYM before moving on to star in the pleasant surprise that was The Goodwin Games (created by the guys behind HIMYM) this past summer. (So sad to say past summer.)