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the music blog for enthusiasts who crave deluxe editions, super deluxe editions, box sets and love holding the music in their hands…

superdeluxeedition [sic] features all those new shiny and usually expensive re-issues and box sets and super deluxe editions that HERC drools over; some of his recent lust-worthy objects illustrate this post.  Often times they have exclusive, water-marked pictures of the actual items (as opposed to press kit photos) before they hit the shops.  It is a UK-based site but they do a great job of scouting worldwide availability and providing pre-order links.

If you're one of those people who always finds out about a limited edition version of an album after it has sold out, superdeluxeedition can help by getting you advance notice and those all-important pre-order links.
If you're one of those people who only buys CDs from the country you live in, superdeluxeedition will open your eyes to the wonderful stuff you need that is being issued elsewhere in the world that you can have delivered to your door.

If you're one of those people who has too much money to spend on music, HERC would love to meet you.  He's a Taurus.  superdeluxeedition can help you invest wisely in collectors items of the recorded musical nature.
Not only do they report news of upcoming releases, they frequently update those reports as new details emerge. Reviews, contests, giveaways, singles, budget-priced items, vinyl, CD, DVD, and even music related books are the things superdeluxeedition is made of.
The site is clean and easy to navigate with tabs under the header to take you to pages of: 
  • News
  • Reviews
  • 70s Rock
  • 80s Indie/Pop
  • Hi-Res
  • Interviews.
If you're like HERC, you'll be adding items in bulk to your wishlist or cart every single time you visit the site.  He has managed to cut back to just checking it once a day before he goes to bed, guaranteeing him sweet dreams.  And at least a few hours before MRS. HERC notices he has used the credit card.

And if you're more of a movie collector than a music collector (or BOTH), check out their sister site superdeluxeblu-ray.

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