Have You Heard? Avicii's "WAKE ME UP!" [2013]

Chances are you have heard today's featured song.  After all, it is the #1 song overall worldwide on Spotify as well as #1 in 24 countries where Spotify is available.  [It is #5 in the USofA.]  HERC has been listening to this song a lot this Summer or since it was released in the middle fo June.  He'd probably slot it as the runner-up to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" as Song of the Summer 2013.

For HERC, the song is at once calming, soothing and relaxing then inspiring, driving and exciting - MRS. HERC has a similar effect on HERC.  This is the joy of life; raw, organic emotion through words and music.  Songs like these are why HERC is a fan of music and a true believer in the power music possesses within the grooves, the lasers and the bits.

As HERC is typing this, he sees Bob Lefsetz is also singing the praises of "Wake Me Up!" on his site.  Bob closes his post with the following line, before giving us multiple post scripts: 
"If you’re not throwing your arms up in the air and stomping your feet as this plays, you’re a quadriplegic."

"Wake Me Up!" was co-written by Avicii, singer Aloe Blaac and Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger.  It is the first single from Avicii's forthcoming album True (due in September 2013).  The album also features contributions from Seventies pop-country star Mac Davis, legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers, hot group Imagine Dragons and singer Adam Lambert.

Here's the Summer Smoothie Recipe for "Wake Me Up!":

and a slightly different performance of the track:

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