'80s Compilation Week 2: AFTER HOURS: 80's GOLD [1990]

Silver Eagle Records was a Canadian mail-order company specialising in those "As Seen On TV" hits collections they used to advertise on late-night television.  (HERC wrote about their Formula 45 collection a little more than a month ago and covered the disco-riffic Dancin' The Night Away in 2012.)  According to HERC's research, Silver Eagle began by teaming up with the Special Products (i.e. back catalog) divisions of major labels in the early Eighties and issuing multiple disc vinyl, cassette and 8-track tape compilations of 50s, 60s and '70s music such as:

Solid Gold Party Rock [1982]

Rockin' Down The House [1984]

Keep On Rockin' [1986]

Rockin' Down The Block [1987]
also issued as 1st 10: The Party Animal Album! [1988]
(Mark reviewed this CD over at The CD Project)

As the Eighties marched on, some of the decade's tracks began showing up in various Silver Eagle collections as labels began mining their vaults by licensing tracks sooner than they had done previously.  Vinyl was phased out as more profitable compact discs were phased in.  It wasn't until 1990, that the first all Eighties compilation CD would be released: After Hours: 80's Gold, a three-disc collection featuring 40 "certified hits by the original artists".


HERC does not own this disc.  He is grateful for the info and artwork from discogs.com, bsnpubs.com and crapfromthepast.com.

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