Spotify Tip: SHARING

Sharing is easy, easy like a Sunday morning with Spotify and this is one way to share a track in the Windows desktop client:
Click on the Share Icon  to the left of the track to share. 
Sharing a song from Search results
  1. Select Post to feed to post track on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Or share to any combination of the three simultaneously.
  2. Or select Send to friend to put track in Spotify Inbox of one (or more!) of your friends and fellow Spotify users.
  3. Then click Share or Send to spread the musical wealth!

To share an album from Album View (below), click on the Share button below the album title.  Then follow steps 1-3 (above).

Sharing an album from Album View. 

To share a playlist from Playlist View (below), click on the Share button above the column headers.  Then follow steps 1-3 (above).

Sharing a playlist form Playlist View.

Let's say you're a music teacher and you are trying to teach students a new piece of music. More specifically, you want them to listen to a certain part of a song to see how it should sound. Spotify lets you share an alternate starting point so you can let your students know exactly the part of the song your talking about.

Right-click menu of a track in Spotify.
To do this, play the track and note the time the desired part begins.  Then right click on song to share (above) and select Copy Spotify URI

Then click on the Share Icon  and paste the URI into body of message (below).

This is how it should look if URI was pasted correctly.
Now, at the end of the URI, type a (#) (Shift+3) and then type in the time noted earlier in the format m:ss or mm:ss (minutes:seconds) with no spaces and then type any other messages to share with the link.

In this example, HERC has included the start times of the song's 2 guitar solos.
Once Shared or Sent, the URI will appear as a clickable link and clicking on it will start song precisely at point indicated.   The link can be pasted into a web browser or into Spotify's Search box as well.  Unfortunately, a specific end time cannot be indicated via link so the song will play out until the end.

What other Spotify tips can HERC serve up?  Post questions in Comments below or email him here at The Hideaway.

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