PLAYLISTICLE: Steve Peake's FORGOTTEN GEMS of the '80s

HERC is not above celebrating the little things in life; things like happy accidents.  It was a happy accident when he found Martin's View while researching Heaven 17.  It was a happy accident when he found The CD Project while researching Rhino's Just Can't Get Enough series.  Another happy accident occurred when HERC was researching The Kings - he found Steve Peake's feature on them and Steve's ongoing series of Forgotten Gems of the '80s which is about to celebrate it's seven year anniversary!  That's right, for nearly seven years now, Steve has shone the spotlight on a song (and at least once a band) that he feels deserves more attention or as Steve says:
Here's a look at some of the greatest songs of the '80s that sometimes get lost in the thick fabric of passing time. We're all pretty familiar with many '80s classics, but when was the last time you heard these on the radio?
HERC started Starring those songs he didn't remember on Spotify for "further review" and then he went back to the very first post in the series and created an entire playlist of Peake's Picks - to date it is 272 tracks.


  1. Holy cow! Now THAT'S a playlist. Right in my wheelhouse.

  2. Did you notice your boy Nick Heyward made the list?

    The biggest and most pleasant surprise for me while compiling the list was finding The Monroes were finally represented on Spotify with "What Do All The People Know?"t Had been looking for them on there for years to no avail. Do you think is the original rerecording or do they still sound that good? Or both?

    Although he is several years my junior, Steve has managed to call out several of my favorite songs, ones I thought no one else cared for, like:

    "I Think She Likes Me" - Treat Her Right (Smokey blues jam appeals to this goody two shoes.)

    "Just Another Day" - Oingo Boingo (This was my alarm song until I no longer needed an alarm to wake up in the morning.)

    "Kayleigh" - Marillion (Like this one so much it was almost my daughter's name.)

    "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" - Bruce Cockburn (This one pairs nicely with this song.)