The EAGLES have landed on Spotify US!

It's Tuesday and that means ol' HERC fires up Spotify and runs through the New Releases on Spotify playlist as he checks his email.

That's when he discovered that the Eagles WEA catalog is now on Spotify, complete with that spiffy new Warner Music border on the cover art!  (Of course, if he tweeted or twittered or whatever, he would have known this hours ago!) The band's albums are now on other subscription services as well and the entire catalog has been remastered.

Just like he did with Pink Floyd's catalog last week, HERC gives you complete album playlists from the Eagles on Spotify.

In addition, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 and Greatest Hits Vol. 2 collections are also available as well as the Very Best Of album from 2003 although two newly recorded tracks from that set are currently unavailable through Spotify.  Two digital singles also appear:  "Take it Easy" b/w "Get You In The Mood" (the latter which isn't on any Eagles album) and their 1978 Holiday single which features "Please Come Home For Christmas" and "Funky New Year".

Missing albums include later efforts Hell Freezes Over, the Selected Works: 1972-1999 box set and Long Road Out Of Eden.

Both Don Henley's and Glenn Frey's respective solo albums remain M.I.A. on Spotify.  Henley's I Can't Stand Still [1982] spawned 4 singles, one of which ("Dirty Laundry") has been held back from his two hits compilations which are available on Spotify.  Frey's No Fun Aloud preceded I Can't Stand Still by a few months that same year and saw five singles released from it yet only one is available on Spotify: "The One You Love".

It will be interesting to watch going forward which songs get the most plays although HERC finds it odd that after the first week of Pink Floyd availability, it is the live versions of their classic songs from the album Pulse that dominate their Popular tracks, holding nine of ten positions.  Maybe the pundits are right and most fans of classic rock artists like Pink Floyd and the Eagles aren't using subscription services like Spotify.  Maybe they are still trying to figure out how to get their 8 track tapes on their flip-phones.

UPDATED 7/2/13:  Eagles Live album available after being excluded from initial launch.  Also, Eagles link at top of Spotify's Discover page takes you to eaglesband.com page with Spotify playlist for each and every release although it looks like Eagles have been replaced by Avicii as Discover page headliners as of today.

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