Have You Heard?: Lorde's "ROYALS" [2013]

Oh, Lorde!

HERC was out for a stroll before the mercury hit 100°, listening to a Spotify playlist and a song came on that he hadn't heard in a while so he pulled the Touch out of his pocket to see who it was because he couldn't remember the artist.  In his fumbling, he managed to bring up a menu, scroll to the next menu and Start Radio.  Today's featured song came on and suddenly HERC forgot about the other song.

Turns out Lorde is a sixteen year old New Zealander named Ella. The song is poetic and deliberate, maybe majestic. The lyrics ring true to these ears which are approximately 30 years older than our Ms. Ella's.

On the NZ Spotify Top List of most played tracks, "Royals" is #2.   Lorde also 6 other tracks on that list.

Brooke Fraser tweeted it in February (above) then @eskimojo tipped off Mighty Girl and she posted it as her Song Of The Day back in April.  Three weeks ago, "Royals" was KCRW's Top Tune Of The Day.  A couple days after that, the Magnifik remix of the song was Nerdist's Music Geek Track Of The Week.  Another remix, this one by her fellow countryman DJ Manchoo, was featured on the Pigeons & Planes site just a couple of weeks ago.  Pete Wentz recommended the song when he was featured in Rolling Stone's Guest List: "I think it could become a global hit".  The hipsters at Pitchfork haven't picked up on it yet and HERC is guessing Bob Lefetz would have something to say about it... if he ever hears it.  

Billboard did a paragraph on Lorde and her song last week - both are Top 30 on the AAA chart.  Adult Album Alternative means not too rock-y, not too dance-y and absolutely no rap.  It's somewhat ironic that a song by a teenager about (rap) music that teenagers love is charting higher with adults who don't listen to that music.

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