Now That's What I Call Music! 46 [US] + Now That's What I Call A Country Party

Scheduled to be released on May 7th, the 46th edition in the United States run of the Now That's What I Call Music! compilations features sixteen hits and four other songs the record labels hope become hits called NOW What's Next: New Music Previews.  Eighteen of the album's twenty tracks can be heard in the Spotify playlist above.  Videos for the two missing tracks are below:

Based on this and the few other Classified tracks HERC has heard, it's a shame he hasn't crossed over from his native Canadian charts.  He possesses a positive, effortless yet clever flow and great production/beats but he might be too old (36) for the youth-driven rap market.  Hope he doesn't have to stoop to featuring Weezy, Drizzy, Hov or Minaj on a track to break through.  Here's a few more from the MC born Luke Boyd - call it HERC's HYPE:


On that same day in May, Now That's What I Call A Country Party will be released as well.  It is ostensibly a beer commercial collection of eighteen modern country party drinking songs featuring all the usual suspects you'd expect.  WARNING: You may have to call your sponsor after listening to this album. 

One of the usual suspects conspicuously absent from the collection is Mr. Miranda Lambert aka Blake Shelton.  One of his own drinking songs, "Let's Drink On It", was released as a single back in January 2012 and to celebrate shamelessly promote it, his publicist Blake compiled a Spotify playlist of his favorite party drinking songs.  Many of the songs on the album above also appear on Blake's playlist (below) but then again they probably appear on many, many playlists.

For the record, HERC's all-time favorite country drinking song is Cal Smith's #1 song from 1973, "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking", which he used to listen to on the jukebox in a little steak house just outside Navasota, Texas (below).

HERC also likes this one:


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