An Album A Day #25: The Cars SHAKE IT UP [1981]

One of HERC's most beloved, most listened to tapes was one he made that featured The Cars self-titled album on one side and the group's fourth album, Shake It Up, on the other side.  Both albums are chock full of hits and both feature sweet cross-fading segues between their final two tracks.  More than 30 years on, Shake It Up is still a remarkably good listen with strong songs, great performances, and sleek production.
"Since You're Gone", the album's opening track, was also it's the third single.  Across the Pond, the song was released on a sweet twelve-inch picture disc (below).

Track 2 was the first single, the album's party-ready title track.  The b-side to "Shake It Up" was the album cut "Cruiser" (sung by bassist Benjamin Orr, below) which also charted on the Mainstream Rock chart.  Both songs charted on Billboard's Disco chart as well, peaking at #14.
Things slow down for the album's third track, the mournful "I'm Not The One" with its gentle clicking rhythm track.  The tempo picks up a bit with the fourth cut, "Victim Of Love", which was the third single from Shake It Up.  It settled just inside the Mainstream Rock Top 40.
The mid-tempo "A Dream Away" kicks off Side Two with Ben's steady bass line and Ric's deadpan vocals. Shake It Up continues to build pressure with "This Could Be Love", co-written by keyboardist Greg Hawkes who plays a whining synth solo.
To close out the album, "Think It Over" pushes the tempo into high gear and as the song fades out, the drums of "Maybe Baby" fade in one speaker and then take over the other speaker.  It is a very cool effect while listening on headphones or car stereo. Has anyone else notice the last two songs share titles with Buddy Holly songs?
Martin Maenza thinks Side One of this album is "near flawless" - read his track-by-track review @ Martin's View.

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